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Introducing the head coach: the training tailor encourages and fishes

The work motivation of the Kontiolahti Athletes' head coach and the Finnish Biathlon Union's youth Olympic coach lives on the athletes' progress.

Aku Moilanen, who was chosen as the new head coach of Kontiolahti Athletes in May 2019, has quickly grown into a coach.

"I was still a national team athlete when Tomi-Pekka Riihivuori asked me to lead a few training groups. Soon I found myself directing two biathlon groups, a shooting group, two sports clubs, a ski club and an athletics club," says 28-year-old Moilanen.

The man's coaching enthusiasm has been noticed elsewhere as well. The Finnish Biathlon Union awarded him last spring with the Club Coach of the Year recognition.


In addition to the work of the club's head coach, Moilanen is also a youth Olympic coach appointed by the Joensuu Sports Academy and the Finnish Biathlon Federation.

"Work is motivated by a passion for sports and especially biathlon. I get a lot of pleasure from developing my athletes and guiding them towards their own dreams," says Moilanen.

In addition to good snow conditions, Moilanen appreciates the overall aspect of guiding the athletes in Kontiolahti.

"Our strength is well-functioning coaching. We already have nine professional coaches with us."


As a child, Moilanen enjoyed football, floorball, baseball, skiing, biathlon, athletics and cross-country running.

After the sports high school in Sotkamo, there was military service at the Sports School of the Defense Forces in Lahti.

"Then the journey continued following the training environment to Joensuu and Kontiolahti. We are on the same path, even though our own sport has changed to coaching," says the coach who represented Finland in the youth biathlon team in the early 2010s.

His calendar fills up quickly even outside of coaching.

"I manage my accommodation company, I study economics at the university and coaching at Eastern Finland's sports institute. The rest of the time I fish, whatever I can get from my other busyness."


  • Designing the coaching system: making a situation review, defining goals and defining an action plan together with the club management, coaches and athletes.
  • Design of group training program frameworks and personal programs.
  • Following the athletes and guiding the exercises. About ten guided exercises per week.
  • To support athletes on competitive trips.