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Elvira Oeberg Anchored Swedish Women to Relay Victory, Finland 7th

Elvira Oeberg was strong on skis, as usual, and anchored Sweden’s women to relay victory. Germany finished second, Norway third.

Sweden used four spares and finished 28.1 seconds ahead of Germany, and 31.5 seconds ahead of Norway. In addition to Elvira Oeberg, the Swedish team consisted of Linn Persson, Anna Magnusson, and Hanna Oeberg.

Elvira Oeberg had reason to be proud of the team’s performance, as well as her own.

“We were in the top the entire race. It showed what a great team we are. Us four are here today, but we could have been a lot of others. I am super happy with my own performance today. It’s the first time for me to have clean shooting in a World Cup relay. Finally being able to do it in this position. It gives me a lot of confidence”, said Oeberg.

In the individual the day before, Oeberg placed ninth.

“It was not a catastrophe. It was a decent race but I want to do more than ninth place. What I did today is more like what I want to do”, said Oeberg.

Finnish women’s team succeeded

The Finnish women continued the good relay day the men had started. The seventh place was brought by Suvi Minkkinen, Nastassia Kinnunen, Mari Eder, and Erika Janka. Finland got one penalty, used ten spares, and finished 3:22.3 behind Sweden.

“It’s nice to be able to fight among the top teams. I was a bit worried about recovery after the individual race, but I was able to tag along others, and even strike on the “wall climb” on the last lap, so I’m feeling good”, said Minkkinen.

“I think it went okay”, pondered Kinnunen.

“I am content with skiing. The prone was an okay performance. In standing, I missed the first three and got upset and decided not to miss any more shots”, said Eder.

Anchor Janka fought to the end to as best she could.

“I knew I just have to ski my own (performance). One penalty, there’s nothing one can do”, said Janka.