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Ticket sales for World Cup events opened – amount of spectators restricted

According to the decision of the Regional State Administrative Agency of Eastern Finland, restrictions on public gatherings in Eastern Finland will remain unchanged in November. As a result, ticket sales for biathlon World Cup events in Kontiolahti have been opened. Tickets are sold only online.  

The Regional State Administrative Agency for Eastern Finland decided in the end of October that restrictions on public gatherings in Eastern Finland will remain unchanged in November.

Based on the decision, Kontiolahti Sports Club, the organiser of two BMW IBU World Cup Biathlon events in November and December have opened the ticket sales.

—The decision of the Regional State Administrative Agency concerns the opening of the World Cup on 28 and 29 November. However, we will also open ticket sales for the event in the following week, 3-6 December. If the authorities’ instructions change so that the public is not allowed, the money will be returned to those who have purchased tickets, says Jarno Lautamatti from Kontiolahti Sports Club.

Special arrangements for spectators’ safety

According to the Regional State Administrative Agency, the event organiser must ensure e.g. that the spectators have possibilities to keep adequate safety distances and can wash their hands.

—The stands are outside which gives the spectators better chances to spread out. Clear access routes and blocks will be reserved for the public, for which only a limited number of people will be allowed, Lautamatti says.

Following the given restrictions, a total amount of 4,500 spectators can be allowed in the stands at the same time.

—The spectators in each block will stay in their own area the whole time, starting at the entrance gate.

Arrangements for the public transport to the stadium will change, too. For safety reasons, bus transports provided by the City of Joensuu and the municipality of Kontiolahti and free of charge to the public will not be arranged.

—The spectators arrive with their own cars. This allows them to avoid contact with strangers, Lautamatti says.

Ticket sales open on Monday 26 October

Ticket sales start on Monday 26 October.

—Tickets will be sold to the A- and B-stands next to the stadium as well as to the track areas, Lautamatti says.

He invites visitors to check the event web site and get familiar with the revised map of the race area. The map illustrates the planned blocks in stands and other services.

Restrictions for international leisure travellers planning a visit to Finland

Jarno Lautamatti emphasises that the Finnish authorities regularly review the COVID 19 pandemic and that new instructions may follow.

—This applies to international leisure travelling as well and which countries it is possible to travel to Finland from. Practical information for international leisure travellers to Finland is updated at VisitFinland’s page.

Click here to see the ticket categories and prices.

Photo: Johannes Thingnes Bø in Kontiolahti in March 2020. Photo credits: Heidi Lehikoinen.