The recruitment of the volunteers for BMW IBU World Cup Biathlon 03/2022 has started!

Welcome to join our joyful and hard-working group of volunteers! It would not be possible to organize the World Cup without the work of the volunteers. A variety of tasks are available both indoors and out. Most of the events are from November to March, when Kontiolahti hosts several biathlon and cross-country competitions.

Benefits for the volunteers

  • lunch, coffee, tea during volunteering days
  • getting 10 % discount on Kontiolahti Biathlon products (also discount products)
  • volunteers are able to buy tickets to track stands, price 5 €/ticket (include VAT 10 %), max 4 pcs/person*
    • reserve tickets 1 month before World Cup (tickets from the gate)
  • right to participate in the 2019/2020 party of volunteers
  • possibly other benefits

*) The policy of volunteer tickets has changed with the new change in the tax administration and we cannot distribute tickets for free.

We are applying for the following competitions through the registration link below:

  • BMW IBU World Cup Biathlon 3.–6.3.2022

Will You be there?


During competitions and events, you will find a wide variety of tasks, something for everyone based on their skills and interests. The tasks are both outdoors and indoors. Outside you can get to know the tasks of the Start and Finish area, the tracks or the Stadium area, as well as Shooting Ramp at the Biathlon Competitions. Indoors you are able to get to know the tasks of Competition office, Food service and Result Service. All tasks are orientated with, and no one is left alone. In addition, at the major events, the public service will be included in the tasks, including working at the information desk, product sales, stand guidance, transportation agency duties and access control.

Welcome to join our joyful team!