Services and safety instructions

Event info: Guide

Reduce the spread of infections


Those attending the event must be prepared for security checks at the entrances. The purpose of the security checks is to prevent prohibited objects or substances being brought to the event (list of these follows).

Security officers have the jurisdiction to check backpacks and other bags at the entrance or inside the event area.

Security officers have the right to deny entry if a visitor is under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, behaves inappropriately (e.g. aggressively) or possesses banned substances or objects.

Visitor can be removed from the event area by security officers if he/she:

  • under any kind of intoxication disturbs general safety and public order or disturbs other persons
  • behaves in a threatening manner or extremely noisy, uses violence, breaches public order or endangers security
  • despite of a warning does not follow orders or instructions given by the organiser in order to maintain general safety and public order
  • does not have a valid ticket or accreditation card

Forbidden items and substances

  • Firearms and their replicas/look-alikes and ammunition
  • Explosives and explosive devices
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Flares
  • Smokes
  • Cold weapons and other items and substances which may on good grounds be suspected to being used to commit a crime on somebody’s life or health
  • Multitools
  • Drones
  • Unmanned flying devices used for filming or taking pictures
  • Laser pointers
  • Aerosoles
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Drugs

Forbidden are, additionally

  • Advertisement shields and banners
  • Pets, unless on leash
  • Umbrellas on the Stands
  • Flagpoles of more than 1.5 m of length
  • Skies and other skiing equipment
  • Disposable grills
  • Megaphones and other analogous devices

Allowed items and substances

  • Sleds and sleighs (except on spectator stands)
  • Baby strollers (except on spectator stands)
  • Backpacks without forbidden items on substances
  • Picnic lunch and alcohol-free beverages
  • Camping chairs and similar seats in track-side spectator zones

Drinking alcohol

  • It is forbidden to bring or/and drink your own alcoholic beverages
  • It is allowed to drink alcoholic beverages in the Spectator Tent as well as in VIP Restaurant and Premium Stand premises (if you have a ticket to the latter two)


  • Smoking in allowed only in dedicated smoking places

Making open fire

  • Making open fire is allowed only in places which are shown by the Organizer

Prohibited zone for drones

  • Using drones or similar flying devices is forbidden in the Event Venue territory

The organiser of the event is responsible for the safety of all those participating in the BMW IBU WC8 2020 Kontiolahti (e.g. spectators, volunteers and team members). In order to guarantee safety and order in the area, it is necessary to have the regulations and rules above.