The #SupportKontiolahti -campaign, coined by Kontiolahti Biathlon World Cup’s stakeholders and fans, offers both individuals and businesses the opportunity to support the event host who currently faces massive losses.

To control the spread of coronavirus, Kontiolahti Biathlon World Cup was held without spectators and with the minimal number of event staff. Due to closing the event from the public the event organizer was left without the revenue from ticket sales. The losses are estimated to be around 400 000 euros.

Everyone from ticket buyers, businesses and fans - who didn't buy a ticket but would like to contribute - will have the opportunity to show their support. A web store is opening soon.

Did you buy tickets to World Cup Biathlon in Kontiolahti?

Your options:

  1. As a ticket buyer you are supporting Kontiolahti Sport Club and biathlon as a sport. No extra steps needed.
  2. You can exchange your ticket(s) to the season opener in Kontiolahti in November 2020. This is possible until the end of July 2020 through our ticket sales partner Lippu.fi. However, we do not yet have the practical instructions from Lippu.fi for the exchange and therefore have to wait for them a bit longer (status 16.6.2020). We apologise for the long waiting time.
  3. If you want, you can request a refund for your tickets you weren’t able to use. Aside from the ticket price, any related fees won’t be refunded. You can check the share of the service fee on your ticket. If your ticket doesn’t have one, a 2.50 EUR handling fee will be collected. You can request a refund until 20 April 2020 through lippu.fi/palautus.

If your business ordered and paid the tickets via the event organizer and you wish to request a refund, please contact us directly by email at: tickets@kontiolahtibiathlon.com

You can download an image here and show your support on social media.

INFO: Kontiolahti Sport Club ry

  • Established in 1956 as “Niemen Veto”.
  • Approximately 180 members.
  • Hosted 12 World Cup Biathlon events, two World Championships and three Junior World Championships since 1990.
  • The club has a professional head coach and eight professional coaches focusing especially on training the juniors. The head coach also works as the Olympic Coach for Finnish Biathlon Federation juniors and as the main biathlon coach of the Joensuu Sports Academy.
  • Since 2007 over 130 competitions have taken place in the Kontiolahti Stadium and over 30 000 individual performances have been timed.