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The Biathlon World Cup will tour in nine different countries in the 2022-23 season. Photo: Emmi Simonen/BMW IBU World Cup Kontiolahti


Finnish representation in the IBU Sustainability Commission

The International Biathlon Union IBU wants to sharpen the promotion of sustainable practices with the help of a new institution.

The International Biathlon Union IBU has appointed a new seven-member Sustainability Commission to coordinate and develop responsible operating methods within the sport.

"Through the new sustainability committee, event and sustainability experts from different countries can bring their know-how to the IBU's know-how and help biathlon to find solutions to the challenges caused by climate change and other sustainability issues," says IBU's Head of Sustainability, Finnish Riikka Rakic. >.

Representatives from Europe and Canada

The IBU board appointed Sari Jormanainen, the environmental manager of the Finnish World Cup events, as one of the members of the Sustainability Commission.

The other members of the group are Norway's Gunhild Kvistad, Czech Jan Skricka, Canada's Katrina Galas, Germany's Klaus Rambach , Marlen Marconi of Switzerland and Martin Ohlsson of Sweden.

"When it comes to developing sustainability and responsibility, not all wisdom resides in one end. With the help of the new operating model, we have better opportunities than before to share information among operators and look for the best practices for developing all the events of the World Cup tour, for example," says Sari Jormanainen.

Tools for responsibility

The new sustainability committee prepares and coordinates presentations supporting the IBU's sustainability strategy 2020-2030 to the IBU board. The goal is for the group to produce tools for the IBU and national sports federations that can secure biathlon's position as a responsible and innovative sport.

The Finnish Biathlon Union thanks the representatives of the member countries for their expert and influence work in the IBU committees and working groups.

"In this way, practical actions will be more effective at the member country and club levels. It's very great that the expertise of Finland and Kontiolahti has been taken into account and that Sari Jormanainen has been appointed to the new committee", says executive director of the Finnish Biathlon Union Tapio Pukki.