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Kontiolahti Athletes: Enerke continues as the main partner

Enerke Oy from Kontiolahti, which offers services related to the design, contracting and maintenance of electricity distribution systems around the country, is the main cooperation partner of the Kontiolahti Athletes also in 2023–24.

Kontiolahten Enerke Oy will continue as the main partner of the Kontiolahti Sportsmen's Association in 2023–24.

Enerke, which specializes in the design, contracting and maintenance services of electricity distribution systems, was the club's main partner in the previous two-year period as well.

Enerke and KontU have cooperated before this, as Enerke has secured electricity distribution in biathlon world cup and world championship events organized by the club.

—As a local operator, Enerke is a really important partner for us. The activities of Kontiolahti Athletes are based on the long-term development of athletes and conditions, and we feel that we are strongly on the same wavelength with Enerke here. The partnership enables important development work from the club's perspective, and in addition, Enerke secures the organization of major events with its services, says Jarno Lautamatti, executive director of the Kontiolahti Sportsmen's Association.

Enerke Oy's account manager Markus Neuvonen says the company wants to support local social work that keeps children, young people and adults moving

—During the first two-year main partnership period, our eyes were certainly opened from both sides to see even better how there would be more opportunities for cooperation. For example, the currently acute question of saving energy naturally brings us to the common table and opens up opportunities for clear synergy benefits.