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Tero Seppälä, Heikki Laitinen, Jaakko Ranta and Olli Hiidensalo will open the weekend with a relay on Friday. Photo: Nordic Focus.


Eder, Seppälä and the other Finns are looking forward to the home crowd

The Finnish biathlon skiers are happy to return to the public in Kontiolahti, where, according to the forecast, in addition to the encouragement, the ice is also in place. The competitions start on Thursday with the women's relay.

Mari Eder, who is from Eno, has been able to enjoy her mother's Karelian pies and recharge in peace for the rest of the season. Eder came straight from the Olympics to North Karelia, where life has revolved around the basics.

– Eating, sleeping and working out is time gone. The same holy trinity continues, no matter what the situation is, Eder said at the national team's press conference.

Eder and other Finns naturally hope to see and hear a lot of people on the track and in the stadium.

- It's been a long time without an audience, so it's great to receive encouragement, Eder said.

Ready for the sun

Tero Seppälä, who was very successful in many competitions this year, has taken over the conditions of Kontiolahti in his daily training for years. The home races cut the burden of travel, and Seppälä is ready for sunny weather and everything else.

- In a good mood, Seppälä summed up his thoughts on the weekend with a smile.

Suvi Minkkinen got positive thoughts from the Olympics mainly for her shooting performance and hopes to be in good shape in all aspects at the home games.

Nastassia Kinnunen, Erika Jänkä, Olli Hiidensalo, Jaakko Ranta and, for the first time, Kontiolahti Heikki Laitinen experiencing the World Cup atmosphere.