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Lettuce, soup and coffee (for free) at the gym

12-15 July at the Kontiolahti Sports Center. start and finish are in Hirviranta parish center. Tuesday 14.7. the evening departure also offers coffee, wall-to-wall pancakes and vegetable soup for the first hundred.

You can come to Suunnista at a time of your own choosing without making an appointment, 12-15 July. or traditionally with the timing & stamping concept on Tuesday 14.7. (departures from 16:00 to 18:30).

Card fee in both cases €7. Registration and payment for self-guided guides via the Rastilippu service, where you can download and print the map as a pdf file.

The ticks are in the terrain from Sunday morning to Wednesday evening.

Track options:

  • A 6.9 km
  • B 5.1 km
  • C 3.2 km
  • D 2.0 km

Tuesday 14.7. from 18:00 to 20:00 is available for planners, offered by Kontiolahti municipality's development company Kontionloikka Oy coffee, wall-to-wall pancakes and vegetable soup for the first hundred people at the beach sauna of the parish center in Hirviranta.

Services subject to weather conditions.


If necessary, Seppo Turpeinen 050-5234276 for more information.

You can find the map link to the starting point in the summer 2020 fitness calendar.

End of summer fitness classes organized by Kontu:

  • 4.8. Hack field
  • September 1, 2020 Uuro