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Bö's family celebration in a speed race, Seppälä "a good day on the bench"

The men's biathlon season continued under the Norwegian command, but the winner's name was new for this season: Tarjei Bö. The younger brother Johannes Bö was third this time, sandwiched between the brothers was the experienced German Arnd Peiffer. The top two finished the speed race without passing shots, but Johannes Bö had to go around the penalty ring once after the lay-up.

Tarjei Bö took his first World Cup victory already 10 years ago, but three years had passed since the previous victory in an individual competition.

– Johannes and Martin (Fourcade) have really raised the level of biathlon. The fact that I can return to that level and develop my own level is quite an achievement for me, Bö said.

Having tasted victory, the 32-year-old striker hopes to achieve similar performances more often this season.

- Last weekend was a bit of a disappointment, said Bö, who dealt with the situation quickly.

Peiffer, 33, like Tarjei Bö, belongs to the more experienced guard. For him, the podium place was a nice surprise.

- I tried to improve my shooting, because in the previous sprint I missed one shot and that was one too many considering the top places, Peiffer said.

For the Germans, Kontiolahti has often been a successful place.

– I like the tracks here, Peiffer says.

Johannes Thingnes Bö regretted that there have been challenges with prone shooting. Today the result was one missed shot.

– You should always be able to shoot blanks lying down. Gotta work with it. I am satisfied that I made it to the podium, Bö said.

Seppälä in comfortable positions for the chase: "Let's try to move up the ranks"


Tero Seppälä, the competition offered a lot of positives. Seppälä was 31st, one missed from the upright.

– There was something good to do in shooting. The last shot just slipped, otherwise it was a good day on the bench. On the track, the last puck didn't come as well as I would have liked, Seppälä said.

He is, however, satisfied with the kind of stations from which he can get into the chase.

- Let's try to move up the ranks, Seppälä said.

Olli Hiidensalo was 56th and Tuomas Harjula 76th.

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Photo: Manzoni/IBU