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Öberg's sisters celebrated in the women's sprint race, a challenging day for Finnish women

Sweden's Hanna Öberg took her second win of the season in the women's sprint race and had particularly nice company on the podium, as her little sister Elvira Öberg was third. For the younger Öberg, the podium place was the first of his career in the World Cup. France's Anais Chevalier-Bouchet fit in between.

Öberg completed the race without missing shots and left the Frenchman, who also shot cleanly, 9.6 seconds behind. The Swede got to compete in the cup leader's yellow vest and enjoyed it.

- I am really happy about my race, especially the shooting. I feel very confident at the shooting location, Öberg said happily.

In addition to her own victory, she was naturally happy to see her little sister reach the podium.

- It's a really big deal to be on the podium at the same time as Elvira. It's no surprise to me that he's this strong. We benefit from each other every day, Öberg said and said that the siblings help each other to become better and better.

Anais Chevalier-Bouchet gave birth to her first child last year and has now made a strong return to competitions after a gap year.

- It was a perfect race: zero shooting and good skiing, Chevalier-Bouchet says happily.

Elvira Öberg was naturally very happy about the first podium place in her career. His training season has been successful in every way, and at the latest on Thursday it was seen that the 21-year-old Swede has taken yet another step forward.

– I knew I was in good positions after the taste and then I just shot one past the upright. In the last round I knew I had to give everything, Öberg said.

It was a challenging day for the Finnish women, and none reached the top 60, i.e. the chase. The best result was Suvi Minkkinen, who was ranked 71. He missed one shot from both positions.

– Hampaakolo was behind the starting pace of the previous speed race, so now the goal was clearly to go hard. It was good until I pedaled a little too hard on the first disc of the wall climb. You should be a little more patient. It was a challenging race from then on. If the next time the right starting speed would be in place. I still don't think there is any problem with shooting, Minkkinen said.

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Photo: Manzoni/IBU