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Lisa Hauser's fourth World Cup victory came with a clear shooting 17.3 seconds ahead of Italy's Lisa Vittozzi. Photo: Kalle Parkkiinen.


Hauser won, all Finnish women survived the chase

In the women's sprint race, the victory was taken by Austria's Lisa Hauser, who completed the race without misses. Italy's Lisa Vittozzi, who skied one penalty round, took second place, losing to Hauser by 17.3 seconds. Sweden's Linn Persson was third.


Lisa Hauser, the victory was the fourth of her career in the World Cup. The victory made the athlete emotional, because there were many problems during the training season.

"I really didn't expect such a good start to the season. There were problems in the summer, so I just told myself that I have to go one race at a time. Now here I am as the winner of the speed competition. I really gave it my all today."

He wasn't sure of his victory going into the last round.

“I knew there were some really fast girls behind me. When I came to the finish line, I realized that I had given my all and I have to be satisfied with that. Then one after another the girls came to the finish line and here I stand (as the winner)", Hauser rejoiced.

Eder has bad luck in the vertical position

The best of the five Finnish women was Mari Eder, who was 19th. Eder missed two shots from the upright position and lost to Hauser by 50.3 seconds.

"Makuu was a good technical execution, but when standing up, the magazine didn't go all the way to the bottom. Unfortunately, I shot a blank in it first, and then had to rebuild the position. There have been other things to do in Pysty. We have to continue that work, and tomorrow is a good opportunity to practice," Eder said.

Eder's skiing skills were on point again and the audience had a part in that too:

"There was a nice sound, yes it helps!"

Suvi Minkkinen was 27th, Venla Lehtonen 40th, Nastassia Kinnunen 43rd and Erika Jänkä strong> 55:s. Minkkinen fired one pass shot in the competition, which came from a layup.

"While lying down, the little one's own thought was interrupted when someone passing by seemed to touch my skis. It didn't affect the launch, but the thought stopped. When you are number one from lying down, it requires zero from standing up for a good race. I'm satisfied with that," says Minkkinen.