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Johannes Thingnes Boe started and finished first in the chase. Photo: Kalle Parkkinen


Bö's celebrations continued in the chase, Hiidensalo as the best Finn in 27th

In the men's pursuit, Norway's Johannes Bö ended his successful Kontiolahti week with a win. Like the sprint race the day before, Norway's double victory was completed by Sturla Holm Lägreid. France's Emilien Jacquelin was third.

Johannes Bön's victory was not even three missed shots, and the gap to Sturla Holm Lägreid, who shot two penalties, was 19.2 seconds. Two of Bö's three passing shots came from the last upright.

"The first shooting was perfect. At the second location, it took a little more time, but I was still able to shoot zeros", Bö recounted his successful shootings.

When he headed to the penalty round after the last place in the lead, he didn't have to worry too much.

“I heard that they also shot past, so I just tried to press. Ending the race like that is not the best way, I have to be better in the next chase. Today I am happy with my victory, but I could have done it differently", Bö said.

Hiidensalo ended the competition week satisfied: "My work has progressed"

Of the Finns, Olli Hiidensalo was 27th and Tero Seppälä 51st. Hiidensalo shot a total of four missed shots, but the last vertical position went without any fines.

"My own careless mistakes (in shooting), I didn't quite manage with the wind today. I should have reacted more strongly with snaps than I did. It always has its own fault. The vertical turned out well. Much better skiing, was refreshed from yesterday. This was a good week for me. My work has progressed, I'm happy to go to Hochfilzen", said Hiidensalo, satisfied with the opening competition.

Tero Seppälä's pursuit went wrong in terms of good placements already in the first place, when he shot past four. Later there were two more. It was not easy to continue the competition.

"It was a bit difficult, I was the last one there to record. Thanks to all the supporters, they encouraged me a lot even though the situation was not perfect. The second lie down and the last upright was good today, more was bad. It's been a challenging week, but the relay ranking is of course warming," says Seppälä.