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Julia Simon and Dorothea Wierer took down all 20 boards, Elvira Öberg went around one penalty round. Photo: Kalle Parkkinen.


Julia Simon led the chase, Suvi Minkkinen's career best finish

In the women's pursuit, there was a French winner when Julia Simon won first place. Italy's Dorothea Wierer took second place and Sweden's Elvira Öberg was third.

Julia Simon's recipe for victory was zero shooting and speedy skiing. He was able to shoot zero in a four-shooting competition for the first time ever. Dorothea Wierer also shot cleanly and finished 11.9 seconds behind the French. Elvira Öberg was third with one missed shot.

Simon described his competition as "perfect" for a reason.

“My best competition, perfect shooting. This feels really special. I'm so happy I don't know what to say."

He was also happy about the tight competition, where there was enough of an electric atmosphere and a lot was solved on the shooting range. Italy's Lisa Vittozzi, who was fourth on Sunday, travels to the next race in Hochfilzen wearing the yellow cup leader's vest.

Minkkinen about the opening week: "Yes, this will be really positive"

Suvi Minkkinen succeeded in the pursuit very well and rose to 15th place with two passing shots. The ranking is the best in Minkkinen's career. The passing shots came from the first and last position. In the final stretch, Minkkinen nicely nudged one more of the tops of the sport, when Denise Herrmann-Wick from Germany succumbed to the Finn.

"I was able to muster the strength for the last lap. The beginning started quite hard, there were a little more difficult laps in between", said Minkkinen.

In the home games, he got the hoped-for good start to the season and finished the job with satisfaction:

"Yes, this will be really positive. Today, the best ranking of my career and the best start to the season I've ever had", Minkkinen was happy.

Mari Eder was 24th in the competition with six missed shots. Three of the penalty rounds came from the last shooting. Eder also found a lot of positives in his shooting performance.

"The last vertical wasn't bad either, even though the result was like that. It depends on the little one," Eder said.

The opening week offered Eder all kinds of things, but the atmosphere was on the positive side when summarizing:

"Much more could certainly have been taken. But pretty much the same situation and maybe a bit further (compared to) what I thought myself. With a positive attitude. I'm in a good phase of this process", Eder said.

Of the other Finns, Nastassia Kinnunen was 48th, Erika Jänkä 55th and Venla Lehtonen 58th.