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The program for the opening of the 2024-25 season has starts on seven days. Photo: Mai Mönkkönen


World Cup opening in November-December: 7 race days, 10 starts

In the opening of the season, a shortened normal distance will also be contested, which will be tested for the first time in the World Cup in a couple of weeks in Anterselva, Italy.

The Biathlon World Cup season 2024-25 will open in Kontiolahti with extensive competition coverage. At the turn of November-December, there will be seven race days and 10 starts during them.

"This is the largest program that Kontiolahti has ever held in the name of a single World Cup event," says Jarno Lautamatti of Kontiolahti Athletes, who is in charge of ticket sales.

45 second penalty on the novelty route

The program also includes a novelty ride, which will be tested for the first time in the World Cup in two weeks in Anterselva, Italy.

"The shortened normal distance means that the men's 20 kilometer ski distance is shortened to 15 kilometers and the women's 15 kilometers is shortened to 12.5 kilometers. Another change is that each passing shot accumulates 45 seconds in the remaining time, not one minute as it has been in the normal course", Lautamatti describes.

The number of shooting times is not affected by the shortening of the distance, but the athletes stop at four shooting locations, alternately for prone and vertical shooting.

Tickets during the beginning of the year

The goal is to open ticket sales for the opening of the World Cup season as quickly as possible with this winter's snow, Lautamatti says.

"The checks and finalizations regarding the tickets are already underway. In the familiar style, tickets will be available both along the track and in the main stand for the stadium."

In addition to sports, the audience is promised a side program in the spirit of the IBU Cup organized a month ago. At that time, there were, among other things, local sports clubs in the area, which offered the public something to do at their own presentation points.

"In the IBU Cup, the concept of family days was tested for the first time. From there, we gained experience and tips for the World Cup as well. Both old and new partners who want to gain visibility among the public are welcome to the World Cup," says event director Sami Leinonen.

INFO: Biathlon World Cup season opening program 30.11.-8.12.2024

Preliminary departure times, the organizer reserves the right to change departure times. See the event page online. 

Saturday 30 November 2024

  • 14.30 Pairs relay (W+M)
  • 17.30 Mixed relay (2 x W + 2 x M)

Sunday 1 December 2024

  • 14.30 Relay, men 4 x 7.5 km
  • 17.45 Relay, women 4 x 6 km

Tuesday 3 December 2024

  • 17.20 Shortened normal race, men 15 km

Wednesday 4 December 2024

  • 17.20 Shortened normal race, women 12.5 km

Friday 6 December 2024

  • 17.20 Speed race, men 10 km

Saturday 7 December 2024

  • 18.10 Speed race, women 7.5 km

Sunday 8 December 2024

  • 15.30 Joint start, men 15 km
  • 18.10 Joint start, women 12.5 km