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Tero Seppälä starts Sunday's chase 30 seconds away from third place. Photo: IBU/Manzoni.


Fillon Maillet to win the men's sprint race, four Finnish men in pursuit

France's Quentin Fillon Maillet continued his strong performances that became known during the winter also in Kontiolahti, when he won the sprint race. Norway's Filip Fjeld Andersen took second place, losing by 18.3 seconds. Germany's Johannes Kühn was third.

Quentin Fillon Maillet captured with his victory his grip on the overall cup victory.

-  I wanted to continue my good performances and that's what happened today. I am very satisfied. I haven't thought much about tomorrow's pursuit yet, but I will focus on my performance, the Frenchman said.


Filip Fjeld Andersen, second place is a career best in individual World Cup competitions. Kontiolahti has already served the Norwegian a lot of joy, because on Friday Andersen won the relay with his teammates.

- I was calm and confident when shooting. When the last one hit, I was really happy, Andersen said and was confident in the chase as well.

The home crowd cheered on Seppälä's skiing speed in Seinänousu

The Finnish men's overall contribution was great, as all four survived Sunday's skiing pursuit. Tero Seppälä was the best 18th, Olli Hiidensalo 38th, Heikki Laitinen 57th and Jaakko Ranta 59:s.

Seppälä sadly missed two shots from the prone position, but cleared the upright cleanly. The difference to the leader was 59.4 seconds.

-  Skiing fitness still seems to be found. In the last round, I managed to squeeze well, when the home crowd cheered so well in Seinänousu. It's a shame that the two fines came from lying down. Fortunately, I gathered myself from that. After that, the bow probably didn't make much of a difference. The vertical went to zero and it was really good skiing until the end. The position sank a little further, but the differences are small. Tomorrow will be a tough race. Let's try to fight for a good result from there, Seppälä said.

Hiidensalo's competition was balanced, even though there were two missed shots from the upright.

– OK ranking, for points and in a good position for tomorrow's chase, Hiidensalo summarized.

On Sunday, exciting chases are guaranteed to be skied.