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Kontiolahti Athletes: Enerke Oy as main partner

The Kontiolahti Sportsmen's Association's new main partner is Kontiolahti's Enerke Oy, which offers services related to the planning, contracting and maintenance of electricity distribution networks around the country.

The partnership between Kontiolahti Athletes and Enerke is based on cooperation from previous years. Enerke has been a partner in securing electricity distribution in biathlon World Cup and World Championship events organized by the Kontiolahti Athletes.

—We have gotten to know each other both as organizations and as individuals, which resulted in the creation of a main partnership model that brings new openings. It happened as it often happens, the best solutions can be found nearby, says Jarno Lautamatti, executive director of the Kontiolahti Sportsmen's Association.

Partnership also in exceptional times

Customer manager Markus Neuvonen says that Enerke wants to support team activities and the organization of events even during exceptional times.

—Kontiolahti Athletes have excellent activities both at the youth level and in elite sports. During the next two years, we will definitely experience and see great sporting performances again, says Neuvonen.


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