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For Quentin Fillon Maillet, Kontiolahti's victory was already the sixth of the season in the pursuit. Photo: IBU/Manzoni.


Fillon Maillet won again, Seppälä rose to 14th

The men's pursuit race ended in familiar moods this season, when France's Quentin Fillon Maillet took his sixth victory of the season in that competition format. Germany's Erik Lesser was second, losing 8.2 seconds, and Italy's Lukas Hofer was third. From the Finnish quartet, Tero Seppälä was the best, finishing 14th.

Fillon Maillet, who cleared the race with one pass, is amazed by the number of pursuit race victories he has achieved during the season

– It's incredible! To win the pursuit race, you also have to do well in the sprint race, the Frenchman said happily.

He has not felt his skiing blood to be the best possible. The Frenchman has been in great shape in the competitions of the season. When he was asked at the press conference how he manages the situation, the "means of survival" was based on the basics:

– I sleep a lot.

Erik Lesser ends his handsome career this season. He continued his successes in Kontiolahti, as his previous World Cup podium finish came in the same scenery in 2020.

– In the wall climb, I thought give it your all. I don't know why, but I really like that last climb, Lesser reflected on his successes in Kontiolahti on Sunday and earlier.

Seppälä ended the weekend in a positive mood, Ranta grabbed his first cup points

Tero Seppälä shot one missed shot from each shooting position and lost to the winner 1:24,1.

– Good race today. Unfortunately, that one fine came from every place, but the track had a lot of work to do and the maintenance was very successful. I was able to move up a bit (from 18th place). In that sense, you can be satisfied. It was great to compete in front of the cheering of the home crowd. With a good mood towards the two weeks of the World Cup, Seppälä said.

Olli Hiidensalo rose to 29th, Jaakko Ranta to 38th and Heikki Laitinen was rejected. Hiidensalo missed one shot from the first layup and two misses from the first upright.

- The first vertical position was poor shooting, otherwise quite moderate or good performance on the bench. We skied four laps with the tube quite calmly, and because of that I was able to push on a very bad lap and was able to move up the ranks. The end result was a very good rise. A really good taste was left from these games, Hiidensalo said.

Ranta took the first points of his career in the World Cup. The points were winged by successful shooting, as he only missed one shot.

– It was a good day! It was a great shoot. There was a small mistake in the second berth that could have been taken away, but yes, three zeroes was a good performance on the bench. There was also good tubing skiing, and little by little we caught up to the points, Ranta said.