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Women's pursuit winning trio: Dorothea Wierer, Tiril Eckhoff and Denise Herrmann Photo: IBU/Manzoni


Norway's Tiril Eckhoff to his first win of the season, Suvi Minkkinen 24th

Norway's Tiril Eckhoff rose from second place in the speed race to the winner of the chase in Kontiolahti. Italy's Dorothea Wierer went from 17th place to second, and Germany's Denise Herrmann, who won the speed race, was third. Among the Finns, Suvi Minkkinen was 24th and Mari Eder 42nd.

Tiril Eckhoff completed three shooting positions without missing shots and kept his top position in the last vertical position despite two missed shots.

– I was really tired, Eckhoff happily explained, laughing at his missed shots at the last shooting location.

For him, the victory was the first of a season full of stages, so the good momentum found for the Olympics seems to continue.

– In the last round I was really tired. I'm looking forward to the next competitions, Eckhoff said.

Dorothea Wierer cleared the competition without misses.

– I concentrated on shooting, and I didn't want to shoot too fast. I didn't think it would be possible for #17 to get on the podium because there were so many strong girls in front of me. I'm really happy, Wierer said.

A nice points pot for Minkkinen, Eder was happy about his success on Saturday

Suvi Minkkinen shot one miss shot from the first layup and also one miss shot from the last upright. Mari Eder's competition was more unlucky, as she missed seven shots.

Minkkinen was 25th in the sprint race, so he had a successful weekend.

- Really good feeling about today's race. I had a pretty similar mistake as yesterday, that is, I "breathed through" it a bit and it was a bit of an upper hand series anyway. I tried to shoot a better-rhythmic shot on the second layup, and the Cossacks got tighter. The first shooting was more restless. Vertically, a small mistake a little to the right down. That was a pretty good shot. The final win warms the heart, and a really good points pot came from this day, Minkkinen said.

For Eder, the end of the weekend did not offer the desired success.

- No success today. It's been quite a varied week all in all. Fortunately, I got a good one success. That's better than nothing, Eder said.