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In the last World Cup season, Tero Seppälä finished fifth twice in individual distances. Photo: BMW IBU World Cup Biathlon Kontiolahti/Odessa Koskelo


Tero Seppälä's successful high camp - November is perfect for the opening of the World Cup

The opening of the World Cup is a real home game for Tero Seppälä, who lives ten minutes from the stadium. The last time I remembered one of the best performances of my career and the loud support of the home crowd.

Tero Seppälä's autumn season, which took a clear jump in results last winter towards the sharpest top in the world, has gone well and according to plans.

"In Anterselva and Ramsau, I was able to train in good conditions at a high altitude camp in September-October. Then we've gotten used to the snow, first in Kontiolahti and now in Lapland," says Seppälä.

Seppälä does not start predicting his own striking ability compared to his competitors.

“The weapon has already been tested, but the man will only be tested in the next few weeks. The pretty tough training mode is still on, and everyone's own competition fitness is a mystery. I'm also excited about how it will go. However, it's gone well and I've stayed healthy," says Seppälä at the beginning of November.

In November, several national teams are preparing for the opening of the World Cup in Finland.

"There will definitely still be test races here that you can participate in."

“Don't get caught up in training sessions”

Seppälä trained until the end of August in his native landscapes in North Karelia. As in the previous summer, coach Anatoli Khovantsev was responsible for the training program.

"Anatoli supervised 90 percent of the shooting exercises as well as the main exercises of the physical side."

“80 percent was roller skiing, shooting and jogging. In addition, there were strength exercises and feedback by swimming, cycling or rowing", Seppälä lists.

Compared to previous summer seasons, there were more shooting practice times.

"We shot almost every day - it doesn't get caught up, at least in terms of the number of practice sessions".

Ten minutes from home 

At Kontiolahti's opening of the World Cup, Seppälä can live at home ten minutes away from the stadium. Seppälä and his common-law partner have lived in Lehmo, Kontiolahti, for almost two years.

“We've had a really good time. The journey to the stadium is short, and from the front door you can reach jogging paths in demanding terrain. Since I come from a rural area, Lehmo is pleasantly rural for us, but still close to services."

For the opening of the World Cup, Seppälä is looking for a similar tone as in the relay of the previous home games in March. At that time, the shooting performance of the Kontiolahti resident was the fastest of the section, and the difference in ski time was only 9.6 seconds.

"When we were at the home games, the audience cheered loudly and there were many supporters in the stands. That's what you wanted to show your best back then, even more than usual," says Seppälä, who finished fifth twice last season in his best personal trips.