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The Biathlon World Cup was held at the Kontiolahti Biathlon Stadium for the first time in 1990. Photo: Sami Vuomajoki


International Biathlon Union IBU: World Cup tour to Finland also in the 2025-26 season

The board of the International Biathlon Union IBU has decided that Finland and Kontiolahti will host the Biathlon World Cup in the 2025-26 season as well.

The International Biathlon Union IBU has granted Kontiolahti the hosting of the competition that was open in the competition calendar for the 2025-26 World Cup season.

The World Cup tour will arrive in Finland after the Winter Olympics in Anterselva, Italy in week 10 of March.

"The trust shown by the IBU towards the Finnish competition is important for the status of the sport in the country. We are happy that the close line of World Cup events in Finland will continue in the 2020s", says the chairman of the Finnish Biathlon Union Kalle Lähdesmäki.

Six seasons, seven events

Kimmo Turunen, the chairman of the Kontiolahti Athletes' Association, which organizes biathlon World Cup events in Finland, says that the news about the 2025-26 competition was expected and hoped for.

He thanks the partner network of World Cup events.

"We have already organized four World Cup competitions in the 2020s, the fifth is coming up in a couple of weeks and the next two have now been put on the calendar thanks to the IBU's latest decision. Successful events bring new hosts, but the continuity of operations is only possible with the help of working partnerships Therefore, a warm thank you to both regional and national partners and the people of Talkou for their commitment."

INFO: Biathlon World Cup Finnish competitions in Kontiolahti

  • Season 2022-23: 29.11.-4.12.2022 opening of the World Cup season
  • Season 2024-25: 1.-8.12.2024 opening of the World Cup season
  • Season 2025-26: 3.-8.3.2026

In addition, the opening event of the IBU Cup will be organized in Kontiolahti from November 28 to December 3, 2023