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Fitness classes at Kontiolahti ah center 14.–17.6. - including the Designer's Shop

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Kontiolahti Urheiljoiden's fitness classes are organized at the biathlon center both as self-paced classes without timing and traditionally with the timing & marking concept.

The ticks will be in the field from Sunday morning, June 14. from the evening of Wednesday 17 June 2020.

You can orientate yourself on Tuesday 16.6 by timing and stamping. from 16:00 to 18:30. Tuesday's raffle will also include the sales counter of Suunnistajan Kaupan, selling accessories for the needs of the orienteer.

The map fee is €7, orientate yourself on your own time or on Tuesday evening.

Track options:

  • A 6.8 km
  • B 4.8 km
  • C 3.4 km
  • D 2.2 km.

Starting point in the courtyard of the ah center. Self-directed orienteers register and pay a map fee of 7 euros at the Rastilippu service, where the map can be downloaded as a pdf file and print.


If necessary, Seppo Turpeinen 050-5234276 for more information.

You can find the map link to the starting point in the summer 2020 fitness calendar.

End of summer fitness classes organized by Kontu:

  • 14.7. Hirviranta
  • 4.8. Hack field
  • September 1, 2020 Uuro