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A long streak of competitions


The World Cup will bring biathlon stars to Finland three times in 2020-21. In November, the World Cup season opens in Kontiolahti.

A lot of good things are in store for Finnish biathlon fans in the next few years. The World Cup circus, which attracts more than 1.25 million Finns, will arrive in Kontiolahti and Joensuu for the first time in 2020.

"First, in March, the penultimate race of the current World Cup season will be contested. November is the opening competition of the next season, which kicks off the World Cup," says Tomi-Pekka Riihivuori of the Kontiolahti Sportsmen's Association.

Kontiolahti's race pipeline will be completed by the races organized in November 2021.


The opening event of the 2020-21 season at the end of November renews the opening of the tour.

The ten-day opening event, which was previously built for one location, will be divided between two different locations from November 2020. The locations are Kontiolahti and Östersund in Sweden.

"With a tight rhythm between Kontiolahti and Östersund, we are looking for a sharp start to the season. The new arrangement provides better implementation opportunities for all parties," says Riihivuori.

Riihivuori predicts great media attention for the November event. "In any sport, the opening of the World Cup in any sport attracts a lot of attention. We can prepare for that here too."


The World Cup tour covers nine races as well as the prestigious races scheduled for the season. The timing of the season opening at the end of November is not easy, as the availability of snow is uncertain in many race locations.

Kontiolahti's snow reliability will serve the World Cup well.

"The competition for the right to organize World Cup competitions is fierce among different countries. Moving the opening event to Finland and Kontiolahti is a sign of confidence that the most important thing for the event, i.e. the snow conditions, will be secured," says Riihivuori.