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Jaama Run: Exceptional maintenance of participants due to the corona

Coronavirus will change the beverage service for the Jaama Run trail running event, which runs on Saturday, August 22, at Kontionpolui in Kontiolahti.

In this year's Jaama Run, the participants drink at the intermediate point of the 12 and 24 kilometer routes from the bottles they brought themselves, which the organizer transports from the starting area to the terrain.

─We came to this decision in order to minimize the possibility of the spread of infectious diseases, says Kimmo Turunen of Kontiolahti Outdoor and Kontiolahti Urheilijat ry, who are organizing the event.

In the 12 and 24 kilometer series, the runners circle the 12 kilometer route either once or twice. There are drink points in the middle of the route and for those running in the 24 kilometer series, also at the end of the first round.

─At the finish line, all participants will receive an individually packaged water bottle, Turunen says.

Things to do for the whole family

The Mini-Jaama running route (length 1 km) aimed at children under 10 years old runs on flat terrain near the biathlon stadium. The series is not timed, but all participants receive a prize at the finish line. No participation fee is collected in this series.

The event offers entertainment and activities not only for the runners, but also for the supporters and the public.

─You can try a fat bike on site for free. In addition to their own running route, children have scooters, a rocking horse track, an activity track and a bouncy castle. For the public and participants, there will be guided exercise sessions, a salad and soup lunch, as well as various smoothies and fruit salads in the cafe and grilled sausages in the yard grill, says Turunen.

More was planned.

─We are developing Jaama Run into an event for the whole family. Due to the corona virus, this year we left out some of the activities, for example abseiling.

Rare trail running events in North Karelia

30 runners have registered for the event. The organizer expects the pace of registration to accelerate in the last week before the event.

─For those training for the Dangers Marathon in Koli at the beginning of October, Jaama Run is Pärnä In addition to XC Run and Pogostan Polkujuoksu running in Ilomantsi, the only trail running events in the region, Turunen says.

INFO: Trail running event Jaama Run 22 August 2020

Event center: Kontiolahti Biathlon Stadium
Series: 24 km (M/N), 12 km (M/N and M/N 15), 5 km (M/N and M/N 15), Mini-Jaama for children (about 1 km)
Program for the day:

  • Departures at 10:00 a.m. (24 km), at 11:00 a.m. (12 km), at 11:10 a.m. (5 km), at 11:20 a.m. Mini-Jaama
  • Guided warm-up at 9.40 (24 km) and 10.40 (12 km)
  • Guided bungee jumping (free participation) 20 min 11.30
  • Guided kettlebell training (free participation) 20 min 12.00
  • Guided body care (free participation) 20 min 12.30
  • In the area, there is a test station for fat bikes and scooters, as well as a bouncy castle, a rocking horse track and an activity track for children.

Registration and additional information

More information: Kimmo Turunen 050-5633480