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Unusual timing, but Jaama Run expects growth

The Jaama Run trail running event on August 22 on the Kontion trails is expecting a larger number of participants than last year. Route options include a 1 kilometer route aimed at children and 5, 12 and 24 kilometer routes.

This year, the trail running event, which was moved from June to August due to corona restrictions, is expecting an increase in the number of participants, even though the date of the event had to be moved.

─Many running events scheduled for spring in Finland were moved to either autumn or next year. We expect and hope that a large part of those who have toured running events in the past will find the event, even though the timing is unusual, says Kimmo Turunen of Kontiolahti Outdoor and Kontiolahti Urheilijat ry, who are organizing the event.

Some of the runners climb the wall

The start and finish of the event are at the Kontiolahti Biathlon Stadium. The running routes go around the stadium and along the Kontionpolut trail network, popular with runners and mountain bikers.

─Kontionpolut has established itself very well as a place for fitness in the past couple of years. The route's better recognition than before also supports the chances of surpassing last year's number of participants, says Turunen and refers to the event with around 90 participants in June 2019.

The lengths of the routes vary from a kilometer long route aimed at children to a 24 kilometer route.

─Some of the runners also get to climb the biathlon stadium landmark, the wall climb, says Turunen.

First Virtual Jaama Run until Sunday

A virtual Jaama Run was launched on the event route this year. In it, runners can go around the event route and mark their own participation and the time they clocked themselves on the event's website.

─The route is marked with Jaama Run signs and runs along the same tracks as the routes on the actual event day, says Turunen.

You can declare your end time until Sunday 12.7. until. The Kontiolahti Biathlon product package will be drawn among the participants.

Photo: Jaama Run 2017 / Jarno Lautamatti

More information: Kimmo Turunen 050-5633480

Info: Trail running event Jaama Run 22 August 2020