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The arrangements were successful - the return of the ticket money is in the works

The Biathlon World Cup arrangements in Kontiolahti receive praise from the International Biathlon Federation. The event organizer will find out the effects of the public ban and corona testing on the economy, as well as the procedures related to the refund of admission tickets.

The International Biathlon Union IBU is satisfied with the two World Cup events organized in Kontiolahti, which opened the season.

─During the summer season, together with the national sports federations and event organizers, we worked hard so that the World Cup events can be organized safely. The first two events of the season in Kontiolahti were a great success. They showed that our hygiene concepts and testing programs work and that we are on the right track for the whole season, says the IBU's Swedish Secretary General Niklas Carlsson.

The competition arrangements were successful    

Event director Sami Leinonen sends his thanks on a wide front to the IBU, the Finnish Biathlon Union, national and local authorities, as well as the communities, staff and people of Talko who made the events. He separately thanks biathlon fans who bought tickets, who quite understandably accepted the information that the games cannot be watched in the stadium.

─The competitions have been a great effort for all of us. As for the sports competitions themselves, the events were a great success. The races were interesting in terms of sport, but unfortunately this time too, the corona prevented the public from entering the venue, Leinonen sums up the two weeks of racing.

Leinonen sends greetings of thanks for adapting to the strict corona guidelines to the people of Talka, staff and partners.

─ 3304 corona tests were performed in connection with the events. Together with our partners, we found solutions for the implementation of a large testing project. Testing and the implementation of practical services at the biathlon stadium, transportation and accommodation shops required stretching, but we succeeded. We had a large orchestra that found a common note nicely.

Instructions for ticket refunds coming soon

Tightened corona restrictions prevented the public from entering the November and December events. Two days before the first competition, the organizer decided, on the recommendation of Siu sote, the municipal association of social and health services of North Karelia, that the events would be held without an audience. At most, about a thousand tickets were sold per one race day.

─ Some of the tickets for the November event were those that the competition guests had transferred from the March event and thus supported the event arrangements. Those who bought tickets will now have the opportunity to collect the money back or not to collect it and thus show their support for the event, says Jarno Lautamatti, who is in charge of ticket sales.

Lautamatti estimates that the guidelines will be known already in December.

─When the instructions are known, the organizer and our ticket sales partner Lippupiste will inform those who bought tickets. We will add the official instructions to the event's website, Lautamatti says.

More information:

Sami Leinonen, event director, 050-557 8003
Jarno Lautamati, ticket sales, 043-2180573

Photo: The women's relay in December ended with Sweden's victory. Photo: Manzoni/IBU