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March World Cup: Financial support leads to zero income

Kontiolahti Biathlon announcement 18 June 2020

The Biathlon World Cup event in Kontiolahti, organized in March, is on its way to a financial break-even thanks to the financial support it has received.

Kimmo Turunen, the chairman of the Kontiolahti Athletes' Association, which organizes biathlon world cup events in Finland, sends his thanks for the support to the Finnish Biathlon Union, the International Biathlon Union IBU, the Ministry of Education and Culture, as well as partner communities and the citizens who participated in the talks.

─Before the event, we budgeted around 400,000 euros for box office revenue, which we didn't get due to the corona restrictions. The expenses for the event were realized almost in full. With the help of our partners and the support we receive, we are making up for the loss so that we can survive the event with dry feet. With the subsidies, we are aiming for a break even, i.e. no financial loss but no profit either, says Turunen.

Financial figures will be clear in August

Turunen estimates that the financial data for the March event will be finally clear in August.

─Some of the biathlon fans who bought the ticket are supporting the organization of the World Cup events either by moving the tickets to November or will buy new tickets. A warm thank you to the citizens and communities who bought tickets for such support, says Turunen.

Instructions for transferring tickets in preparation

Turunen says that the preparations for the World Cup in November are already underway. The work includes, among other things, the pricing of admission tickets.

─ Together with the ticket sales partner Lippupiste, we provide practical instructions for those who have transferred their tickets from March to the November event. Instructions are being prepared, and Lippupiste will inform those who bought tickets about them. The ticket transfer schedule has been extended from the end of June until the end of July, Turunen says.

More information: Kimmo Turunen, Kontiolahti Urheilijat, 050-5633480

Photo: In the 2019-20 World Cup season, Dorothea Wierer won both the overall cup and the joint start cup. Photo: Heidi Lehikoinen/BMW IBU World Cup 3/2020 Kontiolahti