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Public transportation from the center of Joensuu leaves and returns to the market square, Torikatu. In the market square, you can familiarize yourself with the official flagging of the race countries.


Free public transport will change traffic arrangements in the center of Joensuu

The flags of the competing countries go up on the flagpoles of the Joensuu market square every day of the competition.

The Biathlon World Cup will be held at the Kontiolahti Biathlon Stadium from Tuesday, November 29 to Sunday, December 4.

The city of Joensuu, the municipality of Kontiolahti and the competition organizer Kontiolahti Urheilijat traditionally offer free public transport to the stadium from the center of Joensuu, from the center of Kontiolahti and from Lehmo in Kontiolahti.

In Joensuu, weekday race shuttles leave the market square every 20 minutes, on Saturday and Sunday every 15 minutes. On race days, Torikatu is closed to other traffic, except for taxis, between Siltakatu and Koskikatu. Friday 2.12. it's not race day, so Torikatu is open as usual.

The Kauppatori commercial construction site and the associated drives will not affect public transport or its waiting area. There is a queue for buses in the southern half of the market.

- We have planned the arrangements for free public transport in cooperation with the municipality of Kontiolahti and we hope as many as possible will seize this opportunity. Public transportation is a convenient way to get to and from the event, when you don't have to think about parking. At the same time, in Joensuu's market square, you can familiarize yourself with the official flagging of the competition venues and feel the competition atmosphere in advance, says Markku Pyykkönen, marketing director of the city of Joensuu.

The Kontiolahti Athletes have also brought a competition container to the market, which will serve customers during the week of the event and also at Joensuu's Joulunavus event this coming Sunday.

-Most of the entrance tickets to the event are sold in the online store, but now you can buy them as well as World Cup fan products from the market, says the communications manager of the World Cup event Heikki Hamunen.