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Anton Dudchenko left Tero Seppälä in second by a good three seconds. Photo: Esa Kinnunen


Noora Kaisa Keränen and Ukraine's Anton Dudchenko won the speed races in the GP races

Tero Seppälä and Jaakko Ranta were second and third in the men's race. In the women's series, Daria Virolainen was second and Heidi Kuuttinen was third.

Haapajärvi Kiilojen's Tero Seppälä shot cleanly in the men's 10-kilometer speed race and lost the victory to Ukraine's Anton Dudchenko, who also skied without passing shots, by just over three seconds.

Jaakko Ranta of Tuusula Voima-Veikkoin missed with his last shot and lost his first race to Seppälä, who skied this winter, by 23 seconds.

"I am satisfied with the shooting. This was only the second time I skied hard this winter. One intensive training session on snow is just below, so we got here quite a bit, but this will increase the laps and increase the speed", says Seppälä.

The World Cup opens next weekend in Östersund, Sweden.

"The shooting was successful, so that's always important to me. I know from the physical side what is being done. When the competition equipment is put into use, it won't get any better," Seppälä said about his skiing speed.

Saturday's fourth place turned into a victory 

Noora Kaisa Keränen of Åhvenisto Biathlon Skiers beat Daria Virolainen of Tuusula Voima-Veikkoin by 23 seconds. Both shot past one from the upright.

Närpes Kraft Skidföreningen's Heidi Kuuttinen was third with two fines and was more than a minute behind the winner.

Keränen also missed one in Saturday's race. Then he finished fourth.

"Overall, it went better than yesterday, even though the fines were the same. The skiing was sharper today and tactically I managed to schedule the rhythm and laps," said Keränen, who won on Sunday.