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The online store for #SupportKontiolahti products has opened and ticket returns have started

Biathlon World Cup ticket returns have started. Those who bought tickets can support the event organizer who suffered a large financial loss and not be charged back the price of unused tickets. Purchased tickets can also be transferred to the World Cup in November. You can also show your support by buying products from the newly opened #SupporKontiolahti online store.

In order to contain the corona virus, the Biathlon World Cup was organized without an audience and with a competition organization reduced to a minimum. As a result of the public ban, the organizer was left without ticket sales revenue, the amount of which was previously estimated at 400,000 euros.

This week, the #SupportKontiolahti campaign, born from the initiative of partners and citizens, offers individuals and communities the opportunity to support the event organizer, who experienced a large financial loss.

Refund of ticket fees started

The return of unused tickets has started yesterday Friday through the service.

The following options are available:

  1. Those who bought a ticket can support the event organizer Kontiolahti Urheilijat ry and biathlon sports by not getting back the money paid for unused tickets. This does not require separate measures from those who bought the tickets.
  2. Those who purchased a ticket can exchange the tickets purchased for the March event for tickets for the Biathlon World Cup event organized in November 2020. Switching is possible until the end of June 2020, either by phone at 010 6331 030 or by e-mail at
  3. If the ticket buyer does not want to direct the money to cover the organizer's losses, he can collect the ticket fees himself. Delivery costs and service fees are not refunded. The portion of the service fee is shown on the ticket. If the tickets do not have a service fee, a processing fee of €2.50 will be charged. Applying for a refund is possible until 20 April 2020 at

#SupporKontiolahti online store open

An online store has been opened at, where you can support the event organizer by purchasing. There are 19 different products for sale, including hats, shirts, hoodies, beanies, Kupilka dishes and Tuohi Design products. There are also entrance tickets to the biathlon championships and the "Get to know biathlon" stadium tour organized in September.

More information:

#SupportKontiolahti: You can support the event organizer with these means: