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Awards and honorary members

Successful people were rewarded at the society's award ceremony and the annual meeting invited new honorary presidents and members to the society

The club had a successful year and during the season the club's athletes achieved a total of 88 SM medals, of which 75 were individual and 13 relay medals. The brightest results of the season were Nastassia Kinnuse's World Championship bronze from the summer World Championships and Heikki Laitisen's Fifth place in the World Championships.

Konti of the year was awarded with a circular prize donated by Karjalan Pultti Oy. The work of the maintenance department has been very valuable and thanks to all the people involved.

 ✅ Contio of the year: KontU's maintenance department
 ✅ Female Athlete of the Year: Nastassia Kinnunen
 ✅ Male Athlete of the Year: Heikki Laitinen
 ✅ Young Athlete of the Year: Inka Hämäläinen
 ✅ Tsemppari of the Year: Aino Sorjonen

At the Kontiolahti Sportsmen's annual meeting on 20 December 2022, three long-term club presidents, who have been influencing the development of the club and the stadium with their own contribution for decades, were invited as honorary presidents of the club. Sports advisor Esa Haapala has previously been invited as the club's honorary president.

In the same context, 14 people were invited as honorary members of the club, who have been involved in the club's activities for a long time, both in the club's board of directors, in organizing events, and also in the work of various sport divisions.

The club's new honorary presidents:

  • Antero Udd
  • Jussi Puhakka
  • Ilpo Saarelainen

New honorary members of the club:

  • Rauli Riekkinen
  • Yrjö Tiilikainen
  • Kauko Mölsä
  • Kalle Leskinen
  • Seppo Jalonen
  • Kari Karhapää
  • Tenho Pykäläinen
  • Olli Kortelainen
  • Raimo Hulmi
  • Teijo Pakarinen
  • Heimo Koskela
  • Pirjo Eronen
  • Ritva Peura
  • Asko Korhonen

Good luck to everyone.