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Sufficient safety intervals in the World Cup in Kontiolahti

The organizer of the Biathlon World Cup reminds the public about sufficient safety intervals. With a smaller audience than before, it is easier to take care of the safety intervals.

Kontiolahti 28.-29. November and 3-6 Fewer admission tickets have been sold to the Biathlon World Cup events organized in December than in previous years.

"Daily sales vary between 500-1000 tickets", says ticket sales manager Jarno Lautamatti from Kontiolahti Urheilijat ry.

In accordance with the authorities' corona instructions, the capacity of the stands was reduced to about half of normal when ticket sales began. The 4,500 seats in use now are divided into four different stands, where the audience is in their own limited blocks.

“This capacity of 4,500 seats was built with the idea that safety intervals are possible even with full stands. With the ticket sales at the moment, there is much more room and safety intervals available than expected," says Lautamatti.

The audience is divided into different stands at the gate

Corona restrictions are shown in the arrangements starting at the gate. Teams, media representatives and the public are also kept separate from each other. The audience is divided into the stands according to their tickets already at the gate.

"All arrangements since the cancellation of public transportation have been planned through security. There are no ticket offices at the gates at all, and all tickets are sold in advance. The arrangements allow the public to move around in their own area without close contact with strangers. Event organizers wear a mask all the time. Like the municipality of Kontiolahti, the organizer strongly recommends the use of a face mask for the public as well," says Lautamatti.

"It is essential that everyone follows the safety rules: we keep safe distances, wear masks, wash our hands often and do not arrive with symptoms."

Teams isolated from others

The members of the teams are the tightest in their own bubbles. They are only allowed to stay in their own accommodation and at the biathlon stadium. The mask requirement also applies to athletes, except when they are on skis. Food shopping and other practical matters are handled centrally by the teams.

“For example, press conferences are held in such a way that athletes and media representatives are not at all in the same space. The instructions for isolating yourself and staying in your own bubble are very strict," says event director Sami Leinonen.

Leinonen says the competition organization is following the situation closely.

"We base our operations on official guidelines. If there are changes to the recommendations, we will take them into account in the arrangements. If the instructions are tightened and the regional corona instructions prevent the public from entering the venue, the ticket money would be returned to the buyers".

Photo: Heidi Lehikoinen /BMW IBU World Cup Kontiolahti

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