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North Karelia's municipal association of social and health services Siu sote recommends canceling public events of more than 50 people in North Karelia

North Karelia's social and health services municipal corporation's Siu sote regional situational task force recommends banning public gatherings of more than 50 people for a limited period. . November.

The organizer of the World Cup events, the Kontiolahti Athletes and the Finnish Biathlon Union have decided after receiving information that the World Cups 1 and 2 in Kontiolahti will be held without an audience. The decision was to be made immediately when the information was received from the authorities. This way, as many people as possible have time to react to the situation.

Event manager Sami Leinonen states that those who bought tickets will get their money back.

"We will contact those who bought tickets and tell them how to proceed. In the next 1.5 weeks, the competition organization has a big effort ahead of them in carrying out the competitions. That's why we ask those who are waiting for ticket refunds to take time to get back to the matter," says Leinonen.

More information:

  • Siun sote bulletin
  • Event director Sami Leinonen 050-5578003
  • CEO Tapio Pukki Finnish Biathlon Union 046-8782200