Santra Säde: On the way to the top

The 2019/20 season for Joensuu-based Santra Sätee is the first in the women's general league.

"The start of the season has been positive both in terms of skiing and shooting. However, I have to be able to go harder than before and have more consistent shooting performances, so that I can fight for better positions in the general series", says Santra.

Other things have also changed for this competition season. Compared to before, training emphasizes quality instead of quantity.

"We have tried to have as many good exercises as possible in terms of quality. Training will be 8-25 hours a week, depending on the theme of the week and the training season."

The sports academy is a big advantage

The aim of the second-year physiotherapy student is to compete in international competitions within a few years.

"I hope to stay healthy so that I can continue the quality training started this season under the leadership of Moilanen Aku, raise my level and compete for places in international competitions."

Coordinating studies and training has gone well thanks to the Joensuu Sports Academy.

"It enables morning workouts at least three mornings a week," Santra says.