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Kontiolahti Athletes: new head coach from Ahti Toivanes

Bulletin of the Kontiolahti Sportsmen's Association 28 April 2021

Toivanen from Joensuu, who represented Finland in the men's national team in 2010-2017 and finished fourth at the World Youth Championships, has studied for a specialist vocational qualification in coaching at the Eastern Finland Sports College and has worked as a coach and personal trainer at Kuntokeskus Energy, Joensuu Sports Academy, Pajulahti Sports Center and, since last fall, as a responsible coach at Kontiolahti at Urheilijat ry.

—During the past winter, the athletes received me well. Now there is motivation and enthusiasm that I get to build an entire season with them and bring my own thoughts to coaching even more strongly, says Toivanen.

Toivanen will succeed as head coach Aku Moila, who will continue as coach of the national biathlon team.

Work in progress for next season

The Kontiolahti Sportsmen's Association has seven coaches who guide groups of children, youth and adults. The head coach is responsible for the coordination of the coaching system.

—The head coach's job description is extensive. He is responsible for the club's entire coaching system, makes group-specific training program frameworks, plans personal training programs, supervises training and supports the athletes on competitive trips, says the club's executive director Jarno Lautamatti.

—Ahti started biathlon in the ranks of our club as an 11-year-old junior. He has accumulated considerable experience as a biathlon athlete, both as an athlete and as a coach. Being very familiar with the club's practices, he immediately gets to work on training programs for the next winter season.

INFO: Ahti Toivanen

  • Born in 1990 in Polvijärvi in North Karelia
  • Lives in Joensuu
  • As an athlete in the biathlon A national team 2010-2017
  • Best ranking in the Junior World Championships: fourth in the sprint 2011
  • Starts as head coach of Kontiolahti Urheilijat ry in May 2021

More information:
Head coach Ahti Toivanen, 050-4688567
CEO Jarno Lautamatti, 043-2180573