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The end of Kontu's fitness check season 30.8.-2.9. On the map of Uuro

The last KontU fitness badges of the summer 2020 fitness badge season will be collected Sun 30 August - Wed 2 September. near the biathlon stadium.

Self-employed orienteers can get on the course from Sunday to Wednesday. The traditional evening event with timing and stamping will be held on Tuesday, September 1. at 17-18.30.

Track options: A 7.1 km, B 5.4 km, C 3.4 km and D 2.2 km.

Gathering on Tuesday in the big parking lot next to Napakympintie on the way to the Ah center.

Registration and payment for self-employed planners is €7 through the  Rastilippu service, where you can download and print the map as a pdf file.