Markus Myyry: In pursuit of the SC medal

Markus Myyry of Kontiolahti Ureheilijoden is going to get a SM medal in the 16-year-old series. With the age group change, the content of the competition performance also changes compared to before.

In the youth series, vertical shooting starts in the M16 age group. Markus, who is in the ninth grade, aims to not only win a SM medal, but also complete performances in the national championships.

International competitions are also on his mind.

"The goal for the coming years is to get to the youth World Cup as a representative."

This year, Markus has 10-20 hours of practice per week, depending on school attendance and the practice period. Head coach Aku Moilanen also directs Markus' training.

Can you do 200 abs?

In addition to general physical development, the doubles team has come up with concrete goals for Markus. Something other than betting can help with motivation.

"In the summer, 3500 meters in Cooper's test. And 200 stomachs in five minutes, so that the coach has to suffer financially", Markus refers to the bet agreed with coach Aku.

The coach and the coachee can also compete against each other. While fishing, Markus calls the coach his archenemy.

"With the battery, you will often be taken when catching the biggest fish. I usually don't get the sweetest prize, but one day Aku will still be caught cheating."