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Öberg's party in the sprint race, Eder 54:s

The strong start of the Swedish biathlon team continued in Kontiolahti also in the women's sprint race, where Hanna Öberg took the win. He took his first sprint cup win of his career by 23.9 seconds over Norway's Marte Olsbu Röiseland. Norway's Karolina Knotten was third. The entire top three avoided penalty rounds.

– I started quite hard. I felt confident both on the track and at the shooting range, said Öberg, who was happy to grab the yellow vest.

He was also happy about the strong contribution of the Swedes, who in the women's sprint race had three Swedes in the top five.

- We have done a good job, Öberg, inspired by the success of his teammates, said.

Marte Olsbu Röiseland was happy that the four missed shots of the normal distance changed to zero missed shots. He is already familiar with the podium in the sprint race, as Sunday's was the tenth of its kind.

- I was a bit nervous about shooting today and spent a lot of time aiming. I'm happy and relieved, Röiseland said about his zero shooting.

Knotten took the first podium finish of his career in the individual competition. He believes that his experience with messages helped make the achievement possible.

- I can't really explain how this feels. This season I want to be more consistent throughout the winter than I was last season, says Knotten.

Eder did a lot of good things in his performance, Minkkinen regretted his skiing

Among the Finns, Mari Eder was the best 54th. He had to go around the penalty round three times, one of the missed shots came from lying down and two from standing.

- The main thing I remember is that 70% is not enough for the result to be good in any way. More boards should be taken down if you want to make a result. The skiing didn't feel terribly easy today, which was to be expected (after yesterday's race). Today was marked by the fact that the fast bits and flat ones were difficult. They are usually strengths, Eder says and says that he managed the climbs well.

A strong last lap told him that he can cope, but he "doesn't want to find performance or hard torque yet". There were good things in a challenging day.

– However, there are elements within the execution that it is still possible. It takes patience and hard work to get the pieces together and get the result.

Suvi Minkkinen was in 78th place with two missed shots. He was not satisfied, but believes that better is coming. However, there were challenges on Sunday.

- Today was perhaps more challenging on the skiing side, the body was clearly a bit tired from yesterday (normal competition). I certainly didn't do my best on the track. No disaster has happened in shooting, says Minkkinen.

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Photo: Manzoni/IBU