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Kontiolahti Urheilijat and Kontiolahti Isku are merging

In the future, KontU will also include recreational volleyball.

Traditional volleyball club Kontiolahti Isku will cease operations at the end of May 2023. Isku's recreational and fitness volleyball operations will be transferred to Kontiolahti Athletes from the beginning of June. The enthusiasts who participated in the competition have moved on to other volleyball clubs in the area.

Kontiolahti Isku was founded in 1986 and the men's team played at its best in the first league. The women's team was at the highest level in the 3rd division, and on the junior side, the club's girls' teams were even represented in the SM series.

- This has been a great trip among good friends and friends. Hopefully, the merger will bring more enthusiasts, creators and members to the activity. I want to thank all those who worked thousands of hours, families and people with whom the journey has been made for the past 35 years. Special thanks to Isku's chairmen and everyone who was part of the coaching teams for their valuable work for volleyball and youth work, comments Eero Kettunen, who is Isku's vice-president and has been involved in the club's activities since the beginning.

Kontiolahti Isku's activities left a legacy fund, which will be allocated to the Low Threshold activities of children and young people. During the coming summer, Kontiolahti Urheilijat offers, among other things, free sports clubs for elementary school children in Kontiolahti's church village, Kontioniemi and Lehmo.

- There have already been discussions with Isku in previous years about a possible merger, because the competitive activity has waned over the years. The volleyball team has wanted to continue to offer opportunities in recreational volleyball, and based on the discussions held, it was easy to combine activities. During the past year, Kontiolahti Urheilijat has developed the activities of the hobby side, and this is a natural addition to that sector, says Jarno Lautamatti, executive director of Kontiolahti Urheilijat.

Volleyball hobby activities will continue as usual during the summer and the upcoming winter season. Both men and women will have hobby shifts, which new enthusiasts can also join.

  • You can find information about hobby shifts here.

Additional information:

Eero Kettunen
vice president
Kontiolahti Isku

Jarno Lautamatti
executive director
Kontiolahti Athletes