Biathlon test

Biathlon test

Are you interested in trying out what it's like to shoot with a real miniature rifle and on the "shooting bench" of the Kontiolahti Biathlon Stadium, familiar from the World Cup or the World Championships? After Kontiolahti Outdoor's introductory package, you will have your own experience and more "street credibility" than before to evaluate the performances of competitive athletes on television.

The sorting package includes:

• Getting to know the Kontiolahti biathlon stadium and the wall climb on foot with a guide (20 minutes).

• Guided practice of the basics of shooting with gunpowder-free eco-weapons indoors
• Guided small-arms shooting at the Kontiolahti Biathlon Stadium's shooting bench. The basic package includes six cartridges, i.e. 30 cartridges per person. Additional cartridges possible by pre-order.

• Finally, a playful competition between the members of the group, where you get to shoot under strain, i.e. out of breath.

Minimum group size: 4 people.
Total duration: depending on the size of the group, about 2 hours.
Prices from: €55/person.

You can connect to the service e.g. the following other services:
• Restaurant and cafe services

Choose the number of participants below (at least 4), if your group is bigger than this, please contact us:
050-563 3480| Kimmo Turunen or
050-375 6733| Mika Okkonen

€220.00 – €1,100.00

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Price: 248,00 €

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