Arena for your event

Arena for your event

Napakympintie 24, 81100 Kontiolahti

The surroundings of the Kontiolahti biathlon stadium in North Karelia, in the beautiful Höytiäinen beach scenery, can also be used for organizing non-sports events.

During the Biathlon World Championships and World Cup events, the services of the event center have been used by a maximum of approximately 10,000 people per day, which indicates the suitability of the area's infrastructure for large crowds.

In addition to the structures of the biathlon stadium, Kontiolahti Outdoor and Kontiolahti Urheilijat ry can provide staff for events and suggest partners who are deemed good to provide services.

When you are looking for a place for your event, you are welcome to explore the surroundings of the Kontiolahti Biathlon Stadium. For more information and offers, you can call or email Kimmo Turunen on 050 563 3480,

Advantages of the biathlon stadium as an event arena:
• Central location in North Karelia. 20 minutes drive from the center of Joensuu.
• Ready infra:
‣ Main building 500 m²
‣ Press center 300 m²
‣ TV production area 3000 m² (major competitions), includes TV center 200 m²
‣ Parking areas for the public in the immediate vicinity of the stadium
‣ Other parking areas, mainly near the stadium area
‣ Electrification inside and outside
‣ Telecommunication connections inside and outside
• Tested and recommended partners for providing services. For example, routes and practices for public transportation tested from Joensuu and Kontiolahti.
• Experienced staff for the use of the event.

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Napakympintie 24, 81100 Kontiolahti

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