Tracks open on Monday in full measure - Corona brings changes to parking and other services

Kontiolahti Outdoor's tracks will be available to fitness enthusiasts after the end of the Biathlon World Cup on Monday, December 7, 2020. Corona brings new restrictions, especially for coffee shops and parking.

The slopes of the Kontiolahti biathlon stadium will be available to fitness enthusiasts after the World Cup, starting at 8:30 a.m. on Monday.
─ The track is over five kilometers long. The snow mattress is thick, and the wide groove is in World Cup condition anyway, says Kimmo Turunen of Kontiolahti Outdoor, who is responsible for snowmaking services for the slopes.

Changes to parking and services

However, due to the demolition work of the World Cup event and the latest corona restrictions, the ancillary services in the area will change significantly.

─Due to the demolition of the World Cup structures, parking in the area next to the main building traditionally used by fitness skiers will not be possible in the first week, but cars will be parked behind the nearby maintenance buildings, says Turunen.

Due to the latest corona restrictions, many other ancillary services will also change.

─On municipal shifts, skiers validate their ticket in the outdoor tent, the cafeteria services and the lubrication, changing room and shower facilities are not in use, and you are not allowed to stay indoors after picking up the ticket. The toilets in the main building are not available, but the toilets in the maintenance buildings are used

The restrictions are valid for the time being, Turunen says.

Training groups can get there, but guardians do not have the opportunity to spend time indoors. ─ You can ski on the slopes and training groups are also welcome. But we take care of safety intervals and hygiene on the track as well, says Turunen.


  • Staying indoors is prohibited. Only Kahvila-Ravintola Napakympi's ticket sales service operates indoors. If the customer has forgotten his own protective mask, he is offered a disposable mask for ticket sales.
  • Cafe-Restaurant Napakymppi does not offer weekend lunch, drinks or anything else to eat/drink.
  • The outdoor tent next to the main building as a ticket distribution point for the municipal route
  • Public shower, changing room and lubrication facilities will be closed.
  • Toilet facilities in the maintenance building are in use