Next to Koli National Park: Kiviniemi's new main building opens its doors to ski holiday guests

The hand-carved log house diversify Kiviniemi's services both in the winter season and in the summer season starting in May.

New sports in Jaama Winter on April 6, 2024 - running and skiing are now on the program

In the event at the beginning of April, we run 10 or 20 kilometers and ski 10, 20 and 30 kilometers.

The operation of Kontiolahti's first snow slope will continue in the 2024–25 season with new arrangements

The municipality of Kontiolahti and Kontiolahti Outdoor agreed on a new division of responsibilities, which will secure...

North Karelia's ski season starts on Saturday

The weather forecast for two weeks promises slight frosts and good conditions for cross-country skiing.

Kontiolahti Outdoor's operations continue as planned

Among other things, the organization of empty days and other group guides and the operation of the first snow slope will continue.

Iiro Sairanen of Imatra to victory in the longest series of Jaama MTB ahead of the duo from Joensuu

Iiro Sairanen of Imatra Athletes and Tanja Lindroos of Karelia Adventure Athletes won the 68 kilometer series of Jaama MTB...

Sami Leskinen of Puijo Mahdi and Nastassia Kinnunen of Kontiolahti Ureilijde to victory in the 24...

Juho Leinonen and Heidi Maaranen won at 12 kilometers. Siiri Silvennoinen of Kalevan Rasti and Marko Kiiskinen of...

"Shorts and May Day as equipment" - More than half a year's ski season is packaged with May Day skis

The outdoor skiing season opened in mid-October in Kontiolahti, Vuokatti, Imatra, Tahko and Ruka. The season ends on May...

Kaisa Mäkäräinen and Santeri Silvennoinen win the Jaama Winter trail running race with 10 kilometers

Kalevan Rast's orienteers and Kontiolahti Athletes' Kaisa Mäkäräinen took the Kärkisijas with 10 kilometers. In the...
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