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Kaisa Mäkäräinen beat Kalevan Rasti's orienteers Veera Laaksovirta and Siiri Silvennoinen Jaama Winter in the 10 kilometer distance.


Kaisa Mäkäräinen and Santeri Silvennoinen win the Jaama Winter trail running race with 10 kilometers

Kalevan Rast's orienteers and Kontiolahti Athletes' Kaisa Mäkäräinen took the Kärkisijas with 10 kilometers. In the longest distance, 20 kilometers, Kyösti Muhonen of Sisun Ultra Running Club and Reetta Tikkanen of Karelian Adventure athletes won.

Kaisa Mäkäräinen won the 10 km women's series of the Jaama Winter event run on the maintained winter trails in Kontiolahti. The second was Kalevan Rasti's Veera Laaksoviita and the third was Kalevan Rasti's Siiri Silvennoinen.

"I shouldn't have run that fast alone, but there was a men's 20 km leader with whom we ran the entire lap together. It gave me good writing help," said Mäkäräinen, who clocked a time of 39:56.

The men have a rough start in a tight race

The orienteers of Kalevan Rasti ran to victory in the men's 10 km. Santeri Silvennoinen beat second place Aapo Tonder by ten seconds. Valtteri Kinnunen of Noljaka Nillittäjien ran third.

"Perhaps we got a little too enthusiastic at the start. There was also a snowmobile with a camera ahead, so it couldn't be started so quietly. Although there wasn't much climbing, there were a few pretty sharp bumps. They were about to freeze for the rest of the way, even though they were only two meters uphill. In them, Aapo always caught up, but I managed to keep the lead", Silvennoinen recounted the tight battle.

Reetta Tikkanen of Karelia Adventure athletes ran to victory in the women's 20 kilometers. The men's fastest was Kyösti Muhonen of the Ultrarunning Club Sisun.