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Jaama MTB's 68 km winner, Iiro Sairanen of Imatra Athletes and Joensu's Aki Kosunen, who placed third. Picture. J. Lautamatti.


Iiro Sairanen of Imatra to victory in the longest series of Jaama MTB ahead of the duo from Joensuu

Iiro Sairanen of Imatra Athletes and Tanja Lindroos of Karelia Adventure Athletes won the 68 kilometer series of Jaama MTB in Kontiolahti. Katri Rantanen from CycleClub Ilves in Jämsälä and Dmitry Kadetov from Joensuu won the 46 kilometer series. In 24 kilometers, the victories went to Antti Kosose of Imatra Athletes and Johanna Pykäläinen of Kontiolahti Athletes.

Imatra's athletes took two Jaama MTB series victories at Kontiolahti's Kontionpolu.

In the longest route, 68 km, Iiro Sairanen won and in the shortest route, 24 km, Antti Kosonen.

The men repeated the wins they took last year on the same trips.

“I really brutally beat the boys and then at the end of the hill I decided. Win with as little effort as possible. Quite a successful ride", said Sairanen about the project that ended in climbing the wall of the biathlon stadium in Kontiolahti.

Speed brings technicality

Antti Kosonen has taken a liking to Jaamankanka's fast routes. In today's race, the man's average speed was 27.5 kilometers per hour.

“Today was a good day. Kept pedaling at a good level the whole way. A very good route. Although it doesn't have the technicality of other races, it does become technical when the average speed starts to approach thirty. Even small pimples start to feel different," Kosonen said.