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Puijon Mahdi's Sami Leskinen and Sisun's Kyösti Muhonen from the Ultrajukkusseura ran away from the main group at the start of the 24 km. Photo: J. Lautamatti.


Sami Leskinen of Puijo Mahdi and Nastassia Kinnunen of Kontiolahti Ureilijde to victory in the 24 kilometers of the Jaama Run

Juho Leinonen and Heidi Maaranen won at 12 kilometers. Siiri Silvennoinen of Kalevan Rasti and Marko Kiiskinen of Kontiolahti Athletes covered the shortest, 5 km route the fastest.

Sami Leskinen, representing Puijon Mahti from Kuopio, and Nastassia Kinnunen, from Kontiolahti Athletes, were the fastest in the 24 kilometers of the Jaama Run trail running event in Kontiolahti.

Leskinen, who leads the national Buff® Trail Tour Finland and also won the NUTS Bear Tour in Kuusamo two weeks ago, had a better time than expected. He even made a faster time than in the half marathons he ran before.

"I have not run here before, and the starting point was therefore challenging. However, I knew that the terrain was easy. I started quite briskly in traffic, maybe a little too hard, and after five kilometers the sensations were quite heavy. After a while, he calmed down, and the run ended smoothly. Perfect performance until the end", said the winner.

Silvennoinen sought speed for Jukola's message

On the shortest route, 5 kilometers, Kalevan Rasti's Siiri Silvennoinen and Kontiolahti Urheilijode's Marko Kiiskinen were the fastest. Juho Leinonen and Heidi Maaranen won the 12 kilometer distances.

For Siiri Silvennoinen, the run was a preparation for the Jukola Relay in Porvoo, which is expected in a week.

"It was really nice to run. The weather was favorable, the route was nice and there was some tension along the way. Today's five kilometers was a really good preparatory training for Jukola. I hope I got some speed in my legs", said Silvennoinen at the finish line.