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The hand-carved log house offers samples of traditional construction skills.


Next to Koli National Park: Kiviniemi's new main building opens its doors to ski holiday guests

The hand-carved log house diversify Kiviniemi's services both in the winter season and in the summer season starting in May.

The log main building of the Kiviniemi farm located in Kontiolahti's Herajärvi, two kilometers from the border of the Koli National Park, has been completed.

Kontiolahti Outdoor, which offers accommodation, program services and equipment rental in facilities owned by the municipality of Kontiolahti, opens its doors in Kiviniemi for ski vacationers.

The log house, carved by hand and built according to the instructions of the National Museum Agency, increases Kiviniemi's services for both individual hikers and business groups.

—Ablution facilities, indoor toilets, a kitchen and a living room diversify the offer both in winter and during the thaw. The room has space for, for example, group meals for up to 30 people, says Kimmo Turunen of Kontiolahti Outdoor.

Half-board packages on ski holidays

During ski holiday weeks, two-day half-board packages are available in Kiviniemi. Vacationers stay in heated sheds, eat in the main building's living room and take a sauna in the courtyard sauna.

—Right next to it are excellent terrains for sliding snowshoeing or snowshoeing. It is 15-24 kilometers to Koli's trail network and skiing slope. This is an idyllic destination offering rural peace for an outdoor vacationer, Turunen describes.

Vacationers are attracted by the snowshoes included in the packages.

—For example, the Huuhkajanvaara campfire site two kilometers from Kiviniemi, still unknown to many visitors to Koli, is an excellent day trip destination for snowshoers or tobogganers.

Opening in May - sheep holidays planned

The official opening of the Kiviniemi main building will be celebrated with a soup service on May 25.

The main building also paves the way for new services for the summer season. They are especially missed by the travelers of the Herajärvi tour hiking route.

—The most important new services are the possibility of breakfast, other meals and a little pampering with coffee products. In the small store, the hiker can replenish his supplies or buy a new one to replace the toothpaste he forgot at home, says Turunen.

Midsummer celebrations and sheep holidays are planned for the summer season, says Turunen.

—Kiviniemi used to have sheep grazing and keeping the meadows open. We are working on the possibility of sheep holidays together with Kontiolahti municipality. We hope to be able to offer sheep holidays in June-August.

More information 

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  • Kiviniemi services in summer 2024:
    • Shed and barn accommodation, possibility of breakfast
    • Tent and caravan sites
    • Order sauna
    • Cafe
    • Program services for groups, yard games for everyone
    • Equipment rental
    • Party barn
    • Water point and waste disposal for those traveling on the Herajärvi tour, shower facilities for those staying