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Feeling like a winner! Mini-Jaama is free for both Saturday's running event and Sunday's cycling event.


The number of participants in sports events is in the pit after the corona - the reasons need to be clarified

In particular, mountain bike events have been canceled due to low registrations.

Despite the end of the corona restrictions, the number of participants in many outdoor sports events is not what it used to be. In particular, mountain bike events have been canceled across the country due to the low number of registered participants.

—The phenomenon is interesting. Is Corona still having an effect or are high fuel prices hitting the travel budget this hard? Reasons have been speculated, but it would be good to find out more in detail, says Kimmo Turunen of Kontiolahti Outdoor, which organizes the Jaama Run and Jaama MTB events in Kontiolahti, North Karelia.

A clear trend is also that many events are registered even later, often close to the registration deadline.

—Early registrations give the organizer security that the event will not result in a financial loss. If there are very few registrations, the organizer can consider canceling the event to avoid losses.

Part of events increased

Turunen reminds that some of the events have grown, however.

—Participant records were broken at Sisu-Seikkailu. The same was seen in Finland's largest trail running event, the NUTS Karhunkierros, even though the participation of more than a thousand runners was postponed to the following year.

For next weekend's Jaama Run and Jaama MTB events, Turunen is waiting for the final registrations in the youth and adult series.

—The registration period is until Wednesday. The events will be organized in any case, but now we are stressing the development of the number of participants.

Free series and additional program as enticements

The Jaama Run and Jaama MTB events also attract participants with free activities and the atmosphere of a family day.

—This year we are bringing a free series for children not only for running but also for cycling. There is also a free bouncy castle and other activities suitable for families. Hopefully this will get people moving, says Turunen

Helsinki's Dani Härginen is coming to defend the crowning victory of the Jaama MTB event.

—The first time I liked the track. It's fast and nice, maybe the best tracks to start mountain biking, says the competitor representing Korson Kaiku.

Info: Jaama Run 11.6.2021

  • The routes on Kontionpolu are suitable for experimenters and the more experienced
  • Route lengths: 1 km (for children, free of charge) 5 km, 12 km, 24 km
  • On routes 5 and 12 km also age group N/M15
  • Event Pages

Info: Jaama MTB 12.6.2022

  • The routes on Kontionpolu are suitable for experimenters and the more experienced
  • Route lengths: 1 km (for children, free of charge), 24 km, 46 km, 68 km
  • On routes 24 and 46 km also age category N/M15
  • E-bike option in all series (no prizes)
  • Event Pages

Programs in the event center (Kontiolahti Biathlon Stadium):

  • Bouncy castle for children (free of charge)
  • Eco-gun shooting (free of charge)
  • Basket climbing (free of charge)
  • Guided outdoor exercise (free of charge)
  • Dining option in the restaurant: Broiler pasta dish, salad table, water/juice, coffee/tea 12 €/adult, 6 €/12 years and younger.