A record-breaking amount of snow to spread - the outdoor skiing season starts

The outdoor skiing season at the Kontiolahti Biathlon Stadium starts on October 15. with a record-breaking 50,000 cubic meters of snow storage. The warehouse is also scheduled to secure the slopes during the Biathlon World Cup competitions in November-December.

Last winter's outdoor skiing season at the Kontiolahti biathlon stadium stretched to half a year. The season opened on October 12, and track maintenance ended on April 13.
—The ski season is extended by an average of 80 days with the help of the snow stockpiled in the previous winter. This is of great importance for both fitness and competitive skiers, says Kimmo Turunen of Kontiolahti Outdoor, who is responsible for snowmaking services for the slopes.

Two World Cup events in November-December
This year, more attention is paid to the adequacy of the snow storage than before, as the first two events of the Biathlon World Cup will be held in Kontiolahti at the end of November and the beginning of December. In mid-November, Kontiolahti also hosts the international biathlon GP competitions.
—At the very beginning of the ski season, we spread snow on a 1.5 kilometer asphalt track, which, if necessary, we cool with the cooling pipeline under the track. In October-November, the tracks will be gradually lengthened so that already in November's competitions we can offer the height differences that competitive athletes crave, explains Turunen.

News: Cafe restaurant Napakymppi opens for lunch
Turunen expects that the number of skiers will increase rather than decrease.
— Last winter was weak in terms of natural snow in southern Finland. This was reflected in our record high number of visitors. For example, the number of people from Kontiolahti who skied on public tours increased by a quarter compared to the previous season.
In the coming season, the ancillary services for skiers will improve, when the restaurant-café Napakymppi completes its offer.
—In addition to warm juice, coffee and cold bread, you can also decide on a cooked lunch on weekends for skiing, cycling or hiking in the coming season. This gives an additional opportunity for food supply to individual fitness enthusiasts as well as families and small groups, says Turunen.

INFO: Cooled Track / Kontiolahti Outdoor

  • Opens on October 15, when the length of the track is 1.5 km. The track will be extended in October-November depending on the weather and usage needs. During the Biathlon World Cup events (23.11.-6.12.) and other competitions, the tracks are reserved for events.
  • Approximately 70 centimeter layer of snow that was shoveled the previous winter and stored under sawdust over the summer is spread on the track groove.
  • Extends the ski season by an average of 80 days each year. During the fall, the track modified by warm weather or rainfall can be patched with stored snow as needed.
  • New snow will be released when the temperature turns to freezing.